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How Other Company Areas Affect Provider Billing Perspectives

This article has an accompanying podcast episode at Kithe Provider Billing Services. The episode will be uploaded in 1-2 business days as Kithe Services LLC is ramping up its marketing efforts across the U.S.

At Kithe Services LLC, we often hear about provider billing issues disrupting cash flows in a significant way.

All it takes is a self-inflicted, man-made problem or system glitch to delay or halt receiving payments on scheduled intervals. As providers already know, keeping billing accounts receivables at the lowest turnaround times is one of the top measurements of a provider's financial health. And, add to this, a good billing service keeps paychecks coming to vendors, receptionists, office managers and health care providers.

If you are a provider reading this article, you and I both know the business has another major concern equally on the top of our minds. Some business owners are also constantly thinking how will they find next month's or next quarter's number of new clients to keep practices financially thriving.

A weak business development plan makes any provider billing challenge look like a monster.

Providers put enormous pressure on themselves and may even have, at times, unrealistic billing expectations because the bigger challenge is finding new clients to meet monthly, quarterly and annual revenue goals.

One thing has no choice but to lead to another.

The good news is Kithe Services LLC understands how providers feel about finding new clients AND billing challenges.

This is why Kithe Services LLC is probably one of the few consulting firms with talent, skill and expertise to help providers with both sides of the business plan:

  • billing turnaround time management and

  • business development for practice growth

Providers looking for billing solutions should consider Kithe Services LLC for both billing and business development solutions. Please call our Operations and Business Development Manager, Rick, at (305) 239-3100.

Make it a great day!

Thelma Kisabuli

Chief Executive Officer

CA Licensed Vocational Nurse

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