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Kithe Prospect, Phone In-Take Services After Business Hours

This service is primarily for attorneys and other small business owners who need professional in-take phone services after business hours.

Have the following scenarios ever happened in your business:

  • You listen to your business phone voicemails the next day to hear people contacted your law firm about attorney services. But, when you call back, the person already found an attorney.

  • You return to the office the next business day to discover you received eight calls after you left the office, but callers did not leave voicemails.

  • Your current service reported five, after hour calls were taken, but none of the calls resulted in appointments.

All three above scenarios can be managed for success with Kithe.

Kithe standard service connects potential prospects to a live, in-take call specialist, until midnight on both coasts. Missed calls are returned via phone or text message within 5 minutes to let potential clients know their calls were received.

Kithe's premium services responds to calls after midnight on both coasts.

Kithe's greatest contribution to after-hour business calls is prospect development to get pertinent information to show callers your company cares about their pressing matters.

Kithe has people-friendly, call in-take consultants who know how to quickly build rapport.

Please call Rick Nappier at (726) 800-4200 to discuss your current situation and after-hour call volume.

All the best!

Rick Nappier, VP, Business Development

Thelma Kisabuli, CEO

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